Wake me up when you got me a donut
Nothing fancy, keep your freakin’ pinache
Boston Creme? Tell you what,
Back a truck up
Wash my face with chocolate ganache

The 1934 World’s Fair
In Chicago, Illionois
Advertised donuts as
“The food hit of the century of progress”
And it was.

Once I was in Tokyo and missed the subway train
So I stopped to buy a tasty treat with which to ease my pain
I asked what flavors do you have the lady told me “Honey”
But just one bite revealed to me she actually said… “Curry”

Somewhere in the world
One of the billions of us
Is working day and night
To make donuts

My friend Alisha went to Voodoo with her kids
They encountered donuts apropos to a certain state of ids
These donuts started life shaped like what you often find in pants
But her kids enjoyed the filling in their tasty… elephants

I’m cool with kolaches
I’m down with a danish
I’ll bury a bearclaw
In three seconds it’s heinous
Show me a canoli and I’m keeping my mouth shut
Oh that’s an eclair?
All hail the French donut!